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  1. Trump cites global warming dangers

    Political Rhetoric
    SORRY FOLKS, I can't resist posting this, as there seems to be something wrong.
  2. Global Warming

    Political Rhetoric
    Just thought I'd be a smartass and say............Their Global Warming bullshit must have been on vacation the last week or so...........We've had extremely cold and nasty conditions down here,as well as most of the rest of the country..........:rolleyes:
  3. No Evidence Man is Responsible For Global Warming

    Political Rhetoric
    Well straight from the mouth of the Co Founder of Greenpeace. "There is no evidence man is responsible for Global Warming ." Warming that for the past 15yrs has not had any warming. Sorry libs but the facts are the facts. Based on true science and no politics and your hero Al Gore is dead wrong...
  4. Global Warming mission turns all Obama on them . . .

    Political Rhetoric
    Seems as if heading in to the ice to attempt to prove man made global warming might not be the wisest thing to do since the globe isn't warming as expected. Maybe they should have asked us, who can research weather on the Internet . . . :knockout::knockout:
  5. Al Gore says if you disagree with global warming you are a racist.

    Political Rhetoric
    Good Lord, now I've heard it all. "Well, I think the most important part of it is winning the conversation. I remember as a boy when the conversation on civil rights was won in the South. I remember a time when one of my friends made a racist joke and another said, hey man, we don’t go for...
  6. "Gobal warming causes obsolete" says Obama.

    Political Rhetoric
    Anyone else hear this speech? Bullshit! High today forecast to 91 and the record high was 101 in 1919!!!!! So now he is unleashing the EPA. Says the only way he'll approve the Keystone pipeline is if our CO2s don't exceed what they are now. Really? So we can't have anymore industry? More...
  7. Global warming idiots!

    Political Rhetoric
    Global warming: Earth heated up in medieval times without human CO2 emissions | Mail Online More proof of the lie.....
  8. pumps used for bilge and warming up engine????????

    Jet Boats
    I noticed guys using a very cool looking bilge type pump for pumping water from a bucket outside the boat to the engine for warming up purposes at the world finals races this year. I would like to know what kind of pump that is and where to buy one. thanks
  9. John Huntsman's Position on Global Warming

    Political Rhetoric
    Huntsman makes a pretty good point here: "This is an issue that ought to be answered by the scientific community; I’m not a meteorologist. All I know is 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. If 90 percent of the oncological community said something was causing cancer...
  10. Obama to limit Global Warming By 2 Degrees

    Political Rhetoric On a side note, he will also slow down the rotation of the earth in summer so the days are longer and speed it up in the winter so they will shorter. He is also considering reducing gravity by 10% to make air flight less fuel consumptive and reducing...
  11. Global warming = Havasu cooling

    PB Open Water
    A June 13 press release out of the Phoenix office says that the current streak of consecutive sub-100-degree June days is approaching records set in the late 1800s and early 1900s. If this stretch ends on Thursday as forecast, it will compare to streaks seen in 1942, 1954, 1967 and 1971. The...
  12. Global Warming

    Political Rhetoric
    76 in Massachusetts in April... Global Warming? Yes please.
  13. ** Fatties Cause Global Warming **

    PB Open Water
    TOLD YA !!!! - Here we go..... ------ ------ THE rising number of fat people was yesterday blamed for global warming. Scientists warned that the increase in big-eaters means more food production — a major cause of CO2 gas...
  14. Here it is, your new global warming tax

    Political Rhetoric
    Just got this off of Drudge: It's, get this, an OIL EXEC calling for a carbon tax to fix global warming, as opposed to making oil execs like him deal with a complex cap and trade...
  15. Brrrrrr what happened to global warming??

    PB Open Water
    Well I had to leave the water on last night so our pipes wouldn't freeze. Looking outside we still have about an inch of snow on the ground and the temp is 27 degrees, It's not even daybreak yet either. So what the hell happened to global warming? Looks like the plumbers will have a little work...
  16. Tales from Global Warming-or Al Gore is right

    Political Rhetoric
    Come on Repukes admit it, Big Al gets it and you don't! :)hand Published on Saturday, December 13, 2008 by Inter Press Service Climate Change: 'Things Happen Much Faster in the Arctic' by...
  17. Global warming

    Political Rhetoric
    It seems to me that more and more people are finding out it's just a bunch of fooey. Recent studies by NASA have shown that the Antarctica's polar ice caps have actually grown at a record pace. Here's a picture of the ice cap where the purple shaded areas depict the growth- and here's a...
  18. Global Warming Swindle

    PB Open Water
    Thought some of you might like to read this. This is an actual scientist's perspective on the subject, not just some washed-up political schmuck like a.gore.
  19. Global warming is so good it can put itself on hold

    PB Open Water
    If global warming is true, can someone please explain to me why the phock it wants to put itself on hold:mad: I thought this read was pretty interesting and didn't want to thread jack the Obama thread;) Global warming my ass!! Global warming will be "put on hold" over the next decade...