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  1. Big Cat Watch Run

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Saturday, August 12, 2017 :)hand 1. NP & Shorty + 2 2. 3.
  2. Fire Watch 2017

    Political Rhetoric
    Is anybody else thinking about this? I am on the base of a mountain with 103 acres of weeds in my backyard...luckily it's a rock mountain but my dogs are running in some spots of 18" tall weeds at the moment where there usually isn't any. I can hear the News channels already. Here comes Summer!
  3. (Question) Racing Watch

    Years ago I managed to do fairly well on the start using only the 'Official' clock on the judges stand (circle racing). However, today it seems a racer can't compete without the benefit of a racing watch. Who makes a good 5 minute watch and where can I get one?
  4. (Question) Watch

    Parts for Sale
    See V-Drive post
  5. Watch this!

    Political Rhetoric
    And then tell me the right man is not in the right seat. :))THumbsUp
  6. Did anyone watch the big game yesterday?

    Political Rhetoric
    And I am not talking about Basketball............The one in the House Of Representatives......Now it's in overtime through the weekend.........Would love to hear your opinions if you watched it........
  7. Other Warning Fellow boaters Please Watch Out for this guy

    Parts for Sale
    There is a guy by the name of Herbert Hoegemeier pursuing the want ads on the boat sites. I had a want ad for some nice headers for my BBC and he saw my ad called my on the phone and said he had some real nice headers for 300.00 dollars . Then he said he has a real nice motor mount kit in...
  8. boohoo

    Political Rhetoric
  9. Shasta water level watch!!!!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    So I just got off Shasta link and lake was at 174 ft down and still dropping ..... Come on Mother Nature !!!!!! TUNNEL T
  10. [Pics] Okay guys watch the lights! Post Drag racing pictures here!

    Jet Boats
    Cool Billet Parts Not so cool Billet leftovers..... Pro gas run in Dexter Or. World Finals 2014
  11. Anyone ever watch This Old House?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Let's play the game...what is it?
  12. Watch for the big fall in unemployment #'s

    Political Rhetoric
    Just like my state did a couple years back just before the election cycle. Toss everyone you can off unemployment so the numbers will look smaller. Now a million will lose their coverage this weekend from the Fed and I about guarantee in the next few weeks that the Obama admin will be out...

  14. 1 minute Youtube a MUST WATCH!!

    Political Rhetoric
    The danger was clear mid-last century.
  15. Watch out what you buy....

    PB Open Water
    You are being watched by the PO-PO! Growing a hydroponic vegetable garden in your basement? Get ready to be over run and searched like common criminals! What a load of bullshit! Kansas couple: Indoor gardening prompted pot raid This witch hunt needs to STOP! What an outrage! We are no...
  16. You have to watch this video

    PB Open Water
  17. Watch this and tell me what you think?

    This guy can drive unreal control and bad ass buggy !!! TIM CAMERON 2011 SHOWTIME COMPILATION - YouTube
  18. IF you can stomach to watch this....

    Political Rhetoric
    I cant believe these two, they have strait up SHIT for brains... No doubt about it... Lehman Brother policies were that of the republicans?????? The housing melt down was on the Republicans??????? SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!!! hil:)
  19. Even if you don't like guns, it's fun to watch

    PB Open Water
    If your wife has a CCW, here you go. Planning on getting my wife one!! Flashbang Bra Holster as seen on NCIS LA, NCIS Los Angeles - YouTube Flashbang bra holster demo, fast, and practical. - YouTube FLASHBANG BRA HOLSTER as seen on NCIS:LA! - YouTube
  20. Best Place To watch Football in Needles area

    PB Open Water
    I will be in Needles over New Years and i am wondering if anyone knows the best place to catch a game. I thought Pirates had the games but I am not completely sure. Suppose i could always head to Laughlin, but was looking for something Closer. Any help would be appreciated. I am a Bears fan so i...