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  1. Update on the starter problem, Love these forums, a wealth of knowledge

    After shimming my starter is seem to help the starter, but was still just not right. I noticed after using a jumper wire from my selonoid to my battery to look at the gear, it turned over much easier. So I thought well maybe a voltage problem. After researching on the forums, it seems to be a...
  2. Redistribute Wealth a Different Way

    Political Rhetoric
    I’ve been thinking about the mess we are in. It seems that money is tight and banks aren’t loaning. So where is all the money? I think a small percentage is in control of the funds and they are basically hording it. The problem is a lot of these guys have so much of it they can’t spend...
  3. Redistribution Of Wealth

    Political Rhetoric
    There has been a lot of talk about the redistribution of wealth and it all sounded familiar to me for some reason. Then it hit me, when I got divorced the judge must have been a democrat because he redistributed half my wealth to my ex-wife! (:)eek(:):D Anyway, I think I'm in favor of the...
  4. Redistribution of wealth?

    Political Rhetoric
    Could someone please explain exactly what this means to me? My Hubby & I started out with 0, NOTHING! We've both worked out butts off to have the things we have. If I'm understanding it correctly, we're going to be expected to give our piece of the pie to people who weren't willing to take...
  5. Redistribution of Wealth - Obama Style

    PB Open Water
    OK, before any feathers become ruffled, this is not meant to be a political statement, I though it was just funny. A friend sent this to me: For all of Obama Supporters... Subject: Redistribution Experiment Today on my way to lunch I passed a homeless guy with a sign that read "Vote Obama, I...