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  1. Camp far west lake

    The lake should be full . Hopefully a large crowd shows up. We will be there thurs. Morning. Who is going ?
  2. 2018 ADBA Best in the West @ Bluewater Resort and Casino

    Arizona Dragboat Association - ADBA
    2018 Best in the West
  3. Camp Far West

    Hopefully this will still be a fun event. We will be there Friday morning at the cove. Hope to see everyone. The lake should be full and hopefully not much debris in the water.
  4. Camp Far West.....

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Saw Daveo and Don, Kevin, Bill E and James !! Plenty of of fiberglass and even one airplane that was game!! :thumb:
  5. How the west was lost....dinner time......

    PB Open Water
    Here alittle story I was told by an old timer way back in 1963... I was 10 years old and would go to work with my Dad,.. he was dry wall hanger back then... I would nail off, wrap windows and such,, scrap out the houses.... so one day we were sitting on buckets having lunch....this guys job...
  6. Driving out from the West Coast

    Mideast and Great Lakes
    Hi Guys, I'll be driving out from the Northern Ca area via the southern route to Memphis TN around Dec 20. Driving a F350 with an empty hitch. Anyone looking to have a boat or trailer brought out can PM me to chat about details. Thanks Bill
  7. West Franks Tract navigation please help

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    We are having a company picnic on the Delta at New Life Marina and staying in the cabins they have. New Life is on Middle River west of Franks Tract and south of False River. I know there is a rock wall/damn on False River so you can't go west out to San Joaquin River. Can you take Middle...
  8. Send 'em all West

    Political Rhetoric
    California has voted to become a sanctuary State! Send all your criminal illegals West, boys and girls. What could possibly go wrong? GameChangerPAC – CA LAWMAKERS PASS A LAW TO MAKE CA A SANCTUARY STATE!
  9. Camp Far West pictures, post 'em up!

    Had a great weekend out there, until my ignition box melted down on Sunday. :) I see some photos floating around, let's post them up. here is a great Video my brother did, 2 gopro's. One facing front, one facing back.
  10. Camp far west may 2-3

    Heard about this event going on and supposedly they are trying to have it be as big as New Years or Father's Day. Just trying to see who all is going or if anyone even knew about it?
  11. Camp far west may 2-3 event

    Jet Boats
    Heard about this event going on and supposedly they are trying to have it be as big as New Years or Father's Day. Just trying to see who all is going or if anyone even knew about it?
  12. @@@ ADBA South West Showdown 4 Video @@@@

    Arizona Dragboat Association - ADBA
  13. [Question] Camp Far West New Years Day

    I am looking to see if anyone got pics of Killin' Time at CFW on New Years Day. My son was driving on the 2nd pass ( and drove the hell out of it ) and he really wants a pic of it. PM me if there are any out there. Thanks, Marlane
  14. Good article on why the west is losing the war on terror

    Political Rhetoric
    Besides the obvious jihadst-in-chief we have. From Link to article Nelson: The Future Belongs To ... Whomever Is Willing To Fight For It | Truth Revolt Attacks by Islamist terrorists grow daily. Their goal is singular and focused. Islam must be the one and only global...
  15. Anyone on the west side (Silverdale Area)

    West Coast - North
    My name is Brett. I own a 1979 witchcraft jet boat with 460F BBLK. I am looking for some one to tune up engine for me. Kind of know what is going on but I need more of an expertise. Please let me know if their is anyone around. Thank you.
  16. West coast rain

    PB Open Water
    The local weather here makes it sound like you guys need to be building as ark. Is it doing any good or coming down so hard its just run off? How about Sierra snow? I know its still early in the season, but it would nice if you got over this drought stuff. I used to live not far from Lexington...
  17. 2015 NYD Camp Far West Roll Call

    It only seems appropriate with the rain filling up the lake to start a Roll Call. :party-smiley-020:Hope to see you there !!
  18. Camp Far West

    I'm looking to come down to Camp Far West on next Friday or Saturday early tio make a few passes. Is there any problem on Fridays. My plan is to get there early while the waters good and make a few passes and head back over the hill. Thanks for any info. Steve
  19. NJBA Camp Far West Race

    Races and Boating Events
    Hey Guys! NJBA will be offering a one race only membership for $150 for Camp Far West. If later in the season you decide to do another race you would only pay the other $100 for a full membership!