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  1. anybody ........carolina marine.."PARKS" to the white courtosy phone

    "PARKS" read my thread and then call me please lets talk...............
  2. WANTED ! Finnegan's white and black Cheyanne

    Jet Boats
    Anybody know the whereabouts of this boat ? I got a friend who wants to buy it , YES he's got the cash :yes:
  3. Red white and blue !! A True American !!

    Political Rhetoric This could be a reality... I feel the same way !! If you don't like it Don't comment !!
  4. White Trash, movin' on up.......North!

    Just sold the White Trash flat made famous by Tony C. I've had a great time running it this past 1-1/2 yrs. The boat actually just sold itself....didn't have to advertise it. Struck a fair deal with NorCal racer Travis Hill who will surely put enough HP into it to be a fast runner at CFW. This...
  5. Other WTB Need some White Fiberglass 22" Buckets.

    Parts for Sale
    Looking for a good set of 22" White Fiberglass buckets. I have a set of 18" but my butt is a little wider than that.:duh: Does anyone have some that may want to sell or trade?
  6. WTB white 9 hole steering wheel

    Parts for Sale
    Watchagot? In need of a white 9 hole steering wheel. Anybody have one sitting around? Thanks! Bill
  7. White lives matter

    Political Rhetoric Where it the outrage, paid protesters and the media?
  8. white molding wanted

    Jet Boats
    Im looking for white powder coated aluminum rub rail and white insert who is selling this stuff these days Rex does not have white
  9. Students barred from campus event because they're white

    Political Rhetoric
    Students barred from campus event because they're white Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People | Aeman Ansari :)st
  10. 2003 26' American Extreme all white cat boat

    Boats for Sale
    Have had this boat for 4 years now, had the trailer color changed from yellow to black, has all disk brakes, new tires etc, had Kevin at KMG cap the transom, has a bravo drive with imco internals and nose cone. Full twin hyd. steering to the helm. gel coat floors, badass swim step, Dana hyd...
  11. Magnum Runner Bottom "White Trash" FOR SALE

    Boats for Sale
    Need to make room in the garage, going to sell this flatty minus motor. Magnum Runner bottom heavy lay up completely gone through spring of 2013 every part came out was was replaced or refurbished by Don Mumma, all plumbing/wiring is super sano and simple. This boat is as simple/clean rigged as...
  12. White residue spreading on stringer. Anyone else expirience this?

    Jet Boats
    Has anyone seen this type of residue form on your stringers? I can somewhat scratch it off but I'm not sure what is causing it. Thank you for any input!
  13. [SOLD] Two white bucket seats $250 plus ship from 95008

    Parts for Sale
    Thought would fit in my boat but no dice. Never used, very dirty from sitting in shop. Have embeds for mounting, all cushions are fixed in place. They weigh apprx 21lbs each. Please call or text with any questions. 408-340-3692 Thanks Johnf Roughly 24x25 by 22 tall 19" across inside of seat.
  14. Obama says goodbye to White House press secretary

    Political Rhetoric
    Obama says goodbye to White House press secretary WASHINGTON (AP) — White House press secretary Jay Carney became the news instead of just delivering it Friday, when President Barack Obama unexpectedly interrupted the daily media briefing to announce Carney's resignation after three and a half...
  15. Pitfalls of working with white people!!!

    Political Rhetoric
    can someone post up the list found associated with the title "pitfalls of working with white people" (cant get my comp to do it) Thanks I personally think it should be retitled the "Pitfalls of working with white liberal democrats" funny snit
  16. WTB White or silver faced gauges

    Parts for Sale
    looking for working white or silver faces gauges 4.. 2 3/8 and one 3 /38 tach would like water temp, oil pressure, fuel level, and volts need somthing on the cheap side. trying to finish up my jetboat
  17. Faria white face gauge set

    Parts for Sale
    Nice set, speedo, tach, water, oil, volt, hour and Fuel, $200 shipped
  18. White guy charged with hate crime

    Political Rhetoric
    Federal authorities charge white 'knockout' suspect with hate crime - Washington Times So this dumb ass goes out and punches a 79 year old black guy and gets charged with a hate crime. Well, I have no problem with that but there have been dozens and dozens of recent black on white "knock out...
  19. NKRA T-Shirt in WHITE XL

    Parts for Sale
    I have one extra WHITE NKRA shirt in XL Brand new, $20 shipped Call or text Mike at 949-678-eight nine 66
  20. More Black on White Crime

    Political Rhetoric
    No excuse for this. :no: