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  1. Slick Willie...

    Political Rhetoric
    Up until now Slick Willie has stayed away from Hilary's campaign.. Now all of a sudden he is out making speeches for her...Hmmmm... We have to remember he knocks down 100s of 1000s of dollars in speaking fees.... So, I'm betting she sees the FBI closing in and needs/wants to launder some cash...
  2. Willie nelson

    PB Open Water
    Willie Nelson at Bluewater March 2nd. Got my tickets. :happy:
  3. Willie on Corporate farming....

    Political Rhetoric
    I'm with Willie :))THumbsUp Hey Forkin' what say you?.. Anyone seen Old Tex?? Willie Nelson: Occupy the Food System
  4. Willie last night...

    PB Open Water
    Thought I would brag a little bit. We went to see Willie Neslon last night and it was awsome. First time I had ever seen him in concert. Best part was that he played at a 500 person venue. We stood right at the bar all night which was 20' away from the stage. Awsome
  5. Thanks Willie B

    Thanks willie b for the eblem