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  1. Willow beach today

    So i hear therw the grapevine today that kevin taylor from r&r propshop finally got the balls to call the shaw boys out last night. This is going to be good as long as kevin doesnt come up with any excuses and shows up with his stv and not his stoker..
  2. Willow Valley home site

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    Willow valley marina lot This 7,840 parcel is located in the homes only section of Willow Valley and is within walking distance of private marina, launch and beach located on the Colorado river. This home site has unobstructed views of the surrounding Mohave Valley. Community privileges include...
  3. Willow Valley

    PB Open Water
    I was down on the beach with the kids riding quads after stuffing our faces with turkey and stuffing, and noticed that the area directly across the river from the jet ski launch/ trailer parking lot was all graded off. Looks like the they were cutting a beach or launch ramp in. Anybody...
  4. Willow valley Facebook page

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    The current "willow valley trailerhood" Facebook page was initially set up as a page and is not operating like I had intended. Last night I create a "willow valley trailerhood" group! This will allow people to post pictures, updates, and plan events. So if u are a current friend of willow valley...
  5. Great time in Willow Valley over Memorial

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    I just wanted to give a shot out to all the Willow Valley Trailer Hoodrats that made last weekend AWESOME. Cant wait to do it again. My place looked like frat house all weekend. Beer cans and solo cups where everywhere. We blew up the motor in the Rhino on the first night. Then i looked at the...
  6. steel building/carport in Willow Valley area

    PB Open Water
    I need to put up a boat garage at my place in willow valley. I am still not sure if i want to stick build or go with a metal building. Does anyone reccommend a steel building company in that area that i can call and get some ideas from
  7. Willow Vally marina lot "FSBO"

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    [FOR SALE] Willow Valley Marina Lot This 7,840 parcel is located in the homes only section of Willow Valley and is within walking distance of private marina, launch and beach located on the Colorado river. This home site has unobstructed views of the surrounding Mohave Valley. Community...
  8. Willow Valley Trailerhood is on facebook

    PB Open Water
    New page called Willow Valley Trailer hood is up. so feel free to like it and post away. should be a good way to keep in contact with the community and see what is going on.
  9. Headed to willow valley tonight

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    I will be out in willow valley this weekend so if you are in town feel free to come by and say hi
  10. Anyone from Willow valley headed to the havasu fire works on the 4th

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    I want to take my boat down there but i do not know this part of the river that well yet and i dont want to hit a rock bar on the way home in the dark..
  11. need a hand in willow valley

    PB Open Water
    We will be out in willow valley to refurb my new place this weekend. we could use a few extra hands if you are in the neighborhood and dont have anything going on. We should have all tools and supplies on hand. along with some food and beer. anyway if you feel like stopping by and pulling out a...
  12. Help needed in Willow Valley this weekend.

    PB Open Water
    Well this weekend is the big push to get the place in working order. Me and the crew will be up there friday morning. If you have nothing going this weekend and would like to lend a hand, i should have cold beer and BBQ for who ever wants to come and help out. Sleeping arrangements will...
  13. Willow Valley roof guy

    PB Open Water
    I need to get a few quotes for a new foam roof on my place. I cant seem to get any numbers off of yellow pages cause it keeps giving me roofers in PHX or Yuma. Even though they put mohave valley as their service area. So if you have a contact number for someone who can repair or replace the...
  14. willow valley help

    PB Open Water
    I am going to need some assistance on my refurb of this willow valley place i just got. I am going to need a demo crew and a dumpster but not sure where to get these. Will also need some numbers to a few places that do the white foam roofs. I do not have a free weekend until june so i am...
  15. Looking for a place in Willow Valley

    PB Open Water
    I am looking for an affordable entry level place to get into willow valley. Anyone on here selling theirs?
  16. Double lot in Willow Valley

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    Nice double lot in Willow Valley, Has older double wide mobile home on it with garage. Lots of room for toys and? Access to Willow Valley marina less than 1 mi to the private marina Would consider an owner carry 95,000 cash Thanks WVMarina3-300x224.jpg
  17. Willow Valley Az. Home

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    Posting this for my daughter. 2007 mobil in Willow Valley Az. 1475 sq. ft., 2 bed. 2 bath, plus office/bed, laundry, fenced & rocked, 1200 sq. ft. garage/shop $210,000. obo call Amber @ 951-377-5926 or Scott @ 951-377- 6075 can be seen at 8105 Green Valley Rd. Mohave Valley, Az.
  18. Any one from Willow Valley AZ.

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    Just wanted to know if any one lives or has a place in Willow Valley AZ.I bought a place there last summer and cant wate for it to warm up alittle to go out on the water.