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  1. Cole Windshield

    Does Plastic Man here on the boards still make them. Checked out an old thread and called the number that was posted,but it was someone else. Thanks
  2. Engine WTB-Blower Belt cover--Steering column windshield

    Parts for Sale
    Need Blower belt cover steering column windshield
  3. Cole windshield

    I have red caps that go over the head of the screw and I lost one. Does anyone know where to get those. Thanks
  4. Venturi windshield parts

    Jet Boats
    Need new black gasket/moulding for the Venturi windshield on my boat to go against the deck. It looks almost exactly like this... (prob same orig company). Does anyone know where you can get replacements?
  5. Looking for a WINDSHIELD - 26' Nordic Viking

    PB Open Water
    I own a 1987 Nordic Viking. The windshield was recently cracked down the center so I took it out and discarded it without really thinking. Without the cracked one I can't find anyone to make me one cause they do not have the mold. Need a windshield for my boat, all help is appreciated. Located...
  6. 21' Daytona Windshield

    Parts for Sale
    Windshield came off my 95 Daytona. It isn't perfect. The passenger side piece will need to be replaced. It broke the side piece when my wife fell on it when my boat was T-boned by another boat on Labor Day weekend. The whole boat is getting re-gelled and new interior so I decided I might as well...
  7. Help, Windshield

    PB Open Water
    Can you guys direct me to someone to get a windshield for an old runabout -Avenger 1970. I don't think they had a factory option for one ? Thinking 1/4 " molded plastic . Thanks in advance
  8. Circle boat windshield brackets

    I'm starting to install a Lexan windshield on my Daytona circle boat. The windshield is a Bergeron piece. Because I have an oddball steering post their brackets were not going to work. Could you guys post some close up pictures of how you built the brackets that mount the Lexan onto the steering...
  9. Cruiser windshield

    Parts for Sale
    Selling a windshield off of my cruiser. I have all the mounting hardware and its in one piece. There is some minor flaws on the plastic where it looks like it's cracking but it is intact. It's not perfect but it's in good shape. 66 1/4" wide, 5 3/4" tall. $200
  10. WTB 21 eliminator daytona windshield

    Parts for Sale
    LIKE THE TITLE SAYS... LOOKING FOR A WINDSHIELD FOR A 1984 21ft ELIMINATOR DAYTONA! let me know what have with a price:))THumbsUp:wink2:
  11. [Question] SKV Windshield

    Classic Hot Boats
    Howdy All Boaters I recently bought a 80 24 foot SKV Daycruiser. I need to replace the front wraparound window, Has anybody tried to make one? I am very handy and am going to try to duplicate one myself and wondered if anyone has tried? This is a really awesome boat and want to make it look as...
  12. 21 Daytona windshield options

    Outboard Church
    So i got this Daytona, and by the looks of it someone filled in the windshield relief where the stock one fits flush…they said it was the look they wanted…wtf well I'm a purest and would like a windshield back!!! what are my options? I've seen skaters where they contour and mount with...
  13. Other WTB Kachina Laser Windscreen Windshield

    Parts for Sale
    I am looking for a 1993 Kachina Laser Passenger side Windscreen windshield. My current one is gone. It has the three dimples in the front to attach it. I believe back to 1986 models will work. I know I can get one made in Lake Havasu or in Florida. In the interest of cost savings I would...
  14. Venturi windshield Jet Boat

    Parts for Sale
    Venturi type plexiglass windshield for Tahiti Mini cruiser not cracked or "crazed" with some hardware , will likely fit a lot of others as well can provide measurments if necessary 805 466 4719
  15. Cougar Omega WindShield Source

    Hey guys, I have a customer looking for a source for a wind shield for his 1992 Cougar Omega... i did find that the original manufacture was a place called "Boats Window Mfg." located at 1220 E Hunter Ave. in Santa Anna... there was a barely legible sticker on the old glass... I researched...
  16. Windshield mount

    Jet Boats
    Does anyone know where I can get a some of these?
  17. Windshield for a 21' Eliminator Jet Boat

    Parts for Sale
    Hey Everyone, I removed the windshield from my 21' Eliminator closed bow jet boat. It's nearly perfect condition and is smoke color. I am in Carlsbad, CA...might be a pain in the butt to ship as the are large and delicate. $200. Thanks, Mike
  18. ANOTHER tr2 windshield question

    I bought a windshield from precision craft for a TR2. My boat is a Can-am which is a splash of a TR2. The windshield is to short, if i put it in the channel and wrap it around it comes up about an inch to short. can somebody with a real cole boat measure there windshield for me and also someone...
  19. Wanted... Smoked Windshield for Hondo Flat

    Parts for Sale
    Looking to buy a smoked black windshield for a Hondo flatbottom. Getting ready to just make one but looking to see if anyone has one. Also I see there is a bunch out there for a TR2 ... Will that line up and fit a 1977 Hondo?? Thanks Scott
  20. 21' Day Cruiser windshield Bahner / Eliminator / everybody and their brother

    PB Open Water
    Hi All, does anyone know where I can get a day cruiser windshield like the one in the picture. I have my original flipped forward windshield but it is safely stored away. I am looking for the windshield that is tilted backward. I have talked to the guy's at Finney's in Havasu and called...