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  1. Dan Olson wings

    Parts for Sale
    I have 2 wings for a flat bottom. One old style straight up and down and one laid back TAF style (purple end plates) The old school wing has all mounting hardware to mount to rail kit and into heads. Other wing will need mounts fabbed for rail kit or howerever you choose to mount. Both in...
  2. German Wings Copilot a muzzy?

    Political Rhetoric
    So far it seems to be true, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit. [update] GERMAN NEWS: Co-Pilot of Germanwings Airbus Was MUSLIM CONVERT …’Hero of Islamic State’? | Pamela Geller was able to get a screen shot of his page on FaceBook before it was taken down. Wow...
  3. Wings

    Parts for Sale
    For those of you who are intrested in a wing for your So Cal 19, TPR 19 and your Cheyenne we are offering a winter special at 695.00 plus shipping. This is the original wing that was designed by Jeff Bennett and Dan Olson and is currently run on a number of hard running tunnels. Contact us at...
  4. carbon fiber wings

    Jet Boats
    I hear that there will be a new carbon fiber wing available, at an affordable cost, from a southern CA boat shop soon. Anyone have any info on this?
  5. imco set back box with wings and driveshaft

    Parts for Sale
    Imco setback box with a 3 inch rise. Has polished stainless steel wings for the hydraulic cylinder mounts and the torsional driveshaft included. $1650 . 318-687-9088 or 318-470-1482.
  6. Daytona's with wings

    Jet Boats
    Hello, I have all the bulkheads out of my Daytona. I don't think I will ever need wing, but I have the possibly to add material in the sides of the sponsons before I add the bulkheads. Is this a benefit/necessary, or do the wings install without? I'm looking to go faster, and just trying to...
  7. WINGS ON A JET ..heyyy KYLE

    Jet Boats
  8. Red Wings Again

    PB Open Water
    Well here we go again. They took the first last night and they play again (back to back) tonite. I thought they said its been over 50 yrs. since they had a game (Stanley Cup) back to back. The way the Wings are playing they could play all four in a row.:D Go Wings!!!!!!!
  9. Who likes Wings?

    PB Open Water
    You know. It was a tough series with the Ducks. How many of you think the Red Wings( The Defending World Champions) can repeat?
  10. Wings

    PB Open Water
    How about those RED WINGS!!!!!! GAME 5 Mothers Day afternoon. LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!:)devil
  11. strut wings?????

    What exactly is a strut wing? Anybody have any pics and/or info?
  12. Red Wings vs. Ducks - Jan 14th

    PB Open Water
    Hubby thinks I don't know we're going. :D :D :D Anyone else going? :):)punch:)devil
  13. Wings

    What's the difference between a flat wing and a hydro wing??
  14. Daytona's/Socal tunnels with wings

    Greg Shoemaker
    Greg, what are your thoughts on a wing between the sponsons on the Daytona or Socal tunnels? Have you ever done a back to back test with one? Curious as to how much affect they really have on the nose at 130 MPH. Ive been e-mailing with Jeff a little bit about them and he likes the wing, was...
  15. Water Wings Needed

    Got the new motor in the Hondo last night and hope to fire it tonight after 67Lefty gets off of work. We built this so my pit guys can drive it in the Gamblers or River Racer Classes at the NJBA Meets. As they are virgin Flatbottom drivers I was wondering if anyone has a set of Training Water...
  16. Red Wings/Av's Game

    PB Open Water
    Anyone else watching this? I feel like it's 1998 again with all the :):)punch :D:D:D One hell of a game already. :)devil If only the goalies would go toe-to-toe at center ice again. :p