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  1. Looking for someone that works on drag boats for reasonible pay

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    I'm located in Modesto, CA and I'm currently trying to get my boat back together. I have a guy that is supposed to being doing everything and he does great work, how ever he taking way too long getting it done. Can anyone help me out with a place to take my boat? Thanks, Jeff
  2. Howard Cruiser What Kind of Carpet works Best?

    I have this 82 Howard cruiser. It has some red shag carpet from 82 in it. The carpet is very faded. I know they make carpet dye. Maybe that would work but im wondering where you buy carpet for a boat. Will just outdoor rug work?
  3. FINALLY, a carburetor that works.........

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Sadly my boat is still sitting without the engine in it that Barry helped me get put together quite some time ago, but I have been busy with tons of other crap. One of those things is my 64 Ford F100 shop truck I have been working on for a while that has finally now come to life again. (I drove...
  4. Fireworks at the Avi

    PB Open Water
    Does anyone know what night they're having the show?
  5. Honda EU2000i - Rarely used, works great

    Other Stuff for Sale
    Sold - Honda EU2000i - Rarely used, works great Selling my Honda EU2000i. I am the original owner and I originally purchased this to power the A/C on my previous boat. Probably used it for no more than 50 hours on the boat and then over the past couple years it has been used for home...
  6. Mini jet in the works

    Jet Boats
    Ok started here. This boat is 8ft long and 3.5 wide Then I caped the sides
  7. Who works your props? Prop Suggestions?

    Outboard Church
    I need a prop repaired/reworked. Who do you guys trust? I am located in SoCal but am willing to ship it out. I am running a 21 Daytona with a 260, 15" of setback, 1 1/2 above the pad. Right now I have a labbed 26 Lightning ET (came with the boat) and with two people and quarter tank of gas I...
  8. Anyone from Willow valley headed to the havasu fire works on the 4th

    PB Open Water
    I want to take my boat down there but i do not know this part of the river that well yet and i dont want to hit a rock bar on the way home in the dark..
  9. ratchet works great!!!

    Jet Boats
    ive been lurking for way too here i am.myself and a couple buddies took our boats(tx19,cheyenne,sagaro) out years iowa...48 degrees..of course,the grimlens were along for the ride.1st,forward revers cable came loose..stuck n reverse..argh!!pulled out and fixed.back...
  10. 454 build...what works best?

    Jet Boats
    Heres a question to anyone with some knowledge, I am trying to put a solid motor together, I have a gen 4 block with 781 heads with some porting and seat work, comp cams RR, the cam I have is 224in 230ex @050 .456 .461 on 114 lobe sep. not sure about the cam but machine shop said it works...
  11. BBC build..What works best?

    GN7 On the Dyno
    Heres a question to anyone with some knowledge, I am trying to put a solid motor together, I have a gen 4 block with 781 heads with some porting and seat work, comp cams RR, the cam I have is 224in 230ex @050 .456 .461 on 114 lobe sep. not sure about the cam but machine shop said it works for...
  12. [For Sale] 2006 Sand Works, Sand rail

    ATV, Offroad, Dirt Bikes
    2006 Sandworks Buggy with all the goodies. Buggy is as follows: ls 1 450 h.p. Mendola MD4S Trans. 1) 4130 1-1/2 chromoly chassis 2) 4130 1-1/2 chromoly HD a-arms and tie rods 3) 7/8 HD spindles 4) Boxed in Extreme HD trailing arms 934 mid board 5) Howe 2.5 steering rack and control valve with...
  13. Does anybody know a good engine and that also works on pumps in the va area.

    East Coast - South
    I need a engine rebuild that can get me 600 HP and then also do some pump work so this thing real run like a bat out of hell.I have a 454 in it now and also have another engine also. So take 2 engines and give me 1 nice one in return and also that can set it up in the boat. I will bring you the...
  14. [Question] In Virginia, Looking for someone that works on Berkley pumps

    Jet Boats
    Iam on Lake Gaston in Va, and this winter will be building a 600HP motor to drop in my 76 Sleekcraft and will need someone that knows about pumps to take it and put pump power to motor power. Cant find nobody close that really knows what they are doing, Please Help with someone i can contact...
  15. Here is how big money works to shape America

    Political Rhetoric
    This wealthy guy may be able to buy Pawlenty ( or Rick Perry ) the Republican nomination. read how: Tim Pawlenty's ties to "Swift Boat" Bob Perry | iWatch News
  16. FOR SALE: Nitrous Works plate system

    Parts for Sale
    Nitrous Works plate system for single Dominator carb. 200 shot jets, two 10lb bottles, mounting brackets, remote bottle opener, pressure gauge, Brand new Holley black electric fuel pump, holley regulator, comes with all stainless lines and an fittings needed to plumb it up, return line, MSD 3...
  17. TPI 565 engine and Max Machine Works Drive

    Parts for Sale
    TPI Engine complete with headers, New Mercury Bravo 1 HD gimbal and Max Machine works drive. Engine: fresh 2008 565C.I. BBC with only last years Howard regatta time on it I’m going to say less than 5 hours (the longer this takes to sale the more gentle hours that will be put on the engine)...
  18. WTF No Fire Works in Mesa ???

    West Coast - South
    1st time I can remember that MCC wont have any fire works to gawk at. Shit I don't I know where to go now. Last time I headed to Tempe on the 4th Tempe Town Lake looked like a Gang land Cops on Horses were complete Assholes. Vendors were charging 4 bux for a pint of water. I sure...
  19. New Circle Boats in the works

    I heard through the grapevine that hydroplane builder Ron Jones Jr is putting together a new 1 Up SS/PS for Jeff Gibson to replace the boat which was destroyed at Burley. At the same time, I heard that RJ jr is building a new 1 Up which will have the hydroplane type skid-fin and transom mounted...
  20. 2006 Bourget Bike Works - Viper II **$69,980**

    Other Stuff for Sale
    2006 Bourget Bike Works - Viper II Pictures do not do this 'rare find' any justice -- you gotta see this one! Fully customized in flawless condition! Featuring a 131 show polished S&S Monster Motor with a matching 330 Moster Rear Tire!! Custom paint by Deanos of Phoenix, Az. Bike was built for...