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  1. Team Ford told me my extended warranty is worthless UPDATE

    PB Open Water
    Saturday night as I was driving back from Parker; my 2008 Ford F-350 seized and grenaded. Even though the vehicle has 68,000 miles, has been serviced properly and is "under warranty" the Ford dealership informed me that the extended warranty doesn't apply to bad fuel purchased or water in the...
  2. Dam F*cking worthless azzhole

    PB Open Water
    well I get up this morning and go out to my Van and start it up. I then hear a loud noise like my Van has transformed into a monster truck. I then shut off the motor thinking my muffler must have a hole in it. I then look under the van an some low f*cking life cut out the catalytic converter...
  3. In Honor of JBB, this thread is worthless w/o pics

    PB Open Water
    His Kodak Moment thread was awesome here's to you JBB!