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  1. W.t.f.

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
  2. WTF?? New Pair of Shotguns

    PB Open Water
    I installed a brand new pair of Shotguns on my Talon this week and went out for 1hr today. When I was washing her I noticed both Shotguns are destroyed. The shine is stained/corroded beyond imagination. My tailpipes are still perfect. Boat was in salt water for 1 hr, engine is 588cu that is open...
  3. Wtf is this?!

    Political Rhetoric
  4. W.t.f.

    Outboard Church
    All right you guys ..... Tell us what you did with Steve & Scott or we're calling the cops. :)bit
  5. Renaming Old Dixie Highway to Barack Obama Highway... WTF???

    Political Rhetoric
    Really? :)sphss Ceremony Thursday in Riviera Beach renames Old Dixie Highway to Barack Obama Highway -
  6. Martinez Interiors, WTF???

    PB Open Water
    Has anyone used them? A good friend needed some interior and trailer work so I called there about 2 months ago and talked to Eddy and he sold me so I went ahead and recommended his shop to a friend of mine who is on the central coast and doesn't have any reputable/good interior shops near him...
  7. WTF is the Navy doing??

    Political Rhetoric
    Iranians fired rockets close to the carrier Harry S. Truman One rocket came within 1500 yards of the Truman. Don't they travel in groups? Isn't a specific ship in the group just made to protect the group from air threats? And yet they allowed a "rocket" to come within a mile of the group and...
  8. Bergdahl, WTF???

    Political Rhetoric
    WTF? What fucking Army is this asshole in?? Not only is he NOT in pre trial confinement, allowed to wander around the post, he was given LEAVE??? Where did he go? Home to see his parents?? Nope. Off to California to see friends at an illegal POT FARM..... Cops raided the farm in the fertile...
  9. Wtf!!

    Political Rhetoric
    Another WOW!!!:bangmyhead::bangmyhead: Yahoo!
  10. Wtf Crash

    Jet Boats
    Go about half way down the post. Interesting parking job... Anybody know the story on this one? Everyone ok? I ask the same questions in the Classic Hot Boat section with no response....
  11. Thug Goats!!!! WTF

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
  12. Rexmar wtf

    So back a couple of weeks ago I ordered some parts from Rex. Since I was going to be out of the country for a week, I requested the order be shipped on the 15th. I have received the parts coming directly from Rex, however a week and a half later I am still without the A22 shaft that I was told...
  13. WTF is the deal?!!!

    Ok, so if there is one thing anyone can unanimously agree on it's that all stern drive gears are manufactured by the same company and that the gears are the weak link in the outdrive. Even Government Motors had figured out how to make gears!!!!! Why is this still an issue?
  14. Five for One - WTF! POTUS AGAIN says FU to Congress & Americans!

    Political Rhetoric
    Five for One POW Exchange - WTF! POTUS AGAIN says FU to Congress & Americans! Our President Barack Husein Obama, exchanged One U.S. Soldier POW held in Afghanistan for FIVE FUCKING TALIBAN TERRORIST THAT WERE BEING HELD AT GITMO! It appears our POS "Muslim Hugging" POTUS continues to...
  15. Rand Paul----> WTF???

    Political Rhetoric
    Rand Paul Slams Voter ID: ‘It’s Offending People’ | No voter ID required and let felons vote... WTF??? Damn RINO!!! :)hammers
  16. WTF Crossfire ignition

    GN7 On the Dyno
    496 10.2 /1 with second hand 990s Three hours on the engine Total timing 32. Pistons look good. Any ideas how this happened?
  17. Yet another WTF!

    Political Rhetoric
    Another 3300 rules that will cost somebody $1.7 trillion a year. Is stupidity an impeachable offense? He needs to go sit behind his desk and count to 1 trillion by 10's. I don't think he has any concept of just what a trillion is let alone where it's supposed to come from. Ya more taxes....1.7...
  18. W.t.f.

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Cricket Sound - YouTube
  19. Another WTF

    Political Rhetoric
    "Back pay for furloughed fed workers?" As far as i am concerned "No work no pay...welcome to the real world". I have never had a job where i was gifted with paid days off for any reason. Didn't have to work for a few days, think of all the gas they saved...Unemployment starts next week...
  20. Hey WTF!

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Who the heck is driving Phil's DiMarco down Little Potato Slew? Boats changing hands like water lately... or what? WTF???