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  1. Outboards
    I have a 1995 2.5 liter XRi 150 and I've been searching for information on proper operating temperature. Mine currently fluctuates between 140-170 degrees depending on RPM. I've never had an alarm sound, is 170 too high? Is this normal? I boat in the lower colorado river, air temp have been 105+...
  2. Outboards
    Greetings from a new member. I'm looking at a 19ft semi v hull with a 1995 Mercury XRi 150 motor on it and looking for some information/advise. The motor has 320 hours on it now. At 300 hours it had the following work done: new clutch and reverse gear, water pump kit, spark plugs, fuel...
  3. Outboards
    looking at a sweet placecraft, has a 1994 merc 200 xri, any good, bad things I should know about this motor. As this will be my first outboard motor. Owner is honest and says runs great and no problems.
  4. Outboards
    I thought I had a fuel delivery problem. Now I am thinking it may be electrical of some sort since I just went through the fuel delivery system. I have a 1992 2.5L EFI 200 XRi Merc. The engine experiences intermittent power loss. This isn't a complete shut down of the engine, but rather...
  5. Outboards
    I bought an Ultra 21 LX open bow last year. It has a Mercury 2.5L XRi EFI (200 hp - 1992 model) that does not have an electric fuel pump. It is running on the old vacuum system whereby you pump the bulb and then the vacuum created by the engine pulls the gas from the tanks. It has twin saddle...
1-5 of 5 Results