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  1. "Happy New Year" ...... Y'all

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
  2. One year after Trumps Election, Voters still see him as a Hero

    Political Rhetoric
    One Year After Trump's Election, Voters Still See Him as a Hero
  3. Ten year old in WH

    Political Rhetoric
    My god this guy acts like a 10 year old child.....Now he's trying to threaten to shut down special council Robert Mueller saying he's biased because he's friends with Comey......This guy acts like a child and does more harm to himself.....He should be smart enough to SHUT the F up......He is a...
  4. [Video] that time of year to bring this back to the top

    click on either try bottom one its more direct
  5. Happy new year

    New member Introductions
    Happy new year to all forum members. I am Vince from Italy and together with a friend, owner of a small company, we worked on a 42" cigarette named MAUSER and we are currently working to completely refit another cigarette 46" that will be Padrino. The best is yet to...
  6. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year .... Y'all

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
  7. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year .... Y'all

    PB Open Water
  8. BBQ'd the turkey this year.

    Outboard Church
  9. LEO shoots a 20year old kid in Havau

    PB Open Water
    LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. (AP) - A Lake Havasu City man is dead after being shot by police following a domestic dispute. Police say officers were called to a home late Sunday night. They say 20-year-old Devin Christopher Scott allegedly caused a disturbance at a home where his girlfriend, his...
  10. New Year New Way

    PB Open Water
    New Year New Way01/07/2016 0 Comments We have drifted right in to the New Year back at work and school and some chilly days have found their way here. We'll be back in the upper 70's by the weekend so a boat cruise is on the agenda this weekend. Still recovering from knee surgery but have...
  11. Firearm Salesman of the Year!

    Political Rhetoric
    The more O"Dumbass delivers EOs regarding restrictions on the sales of firearms, the number of firearms sold go out the roof. Guns stocks surged 70% in 2015 alone and Smith & Wesson stock is at an ALL TIME HIGH. Clinton Administration - sales declined by -8% GW Bush Administration - sales...
  12. Happy New Year...

    Political Rhetoric
    Happy New Year to all of my old friends here... Hope you have a great 2016, it has to be a great year in one regard since we get rid of the POS in Chief... :))THumbsUp You know where to find me :)
  13. It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    PB Open Water
    It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year12/31/2015 0 Comments The tree is still decorated and all lit up our poinsettia plant is huge and beautiful in the center of our dining table and the weather is AWESOME! The hubby was born and raised a Florida boy and I moved here as a small child so...
  14. Happy New year my friends ...

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Hope to see you all on the water soon ! Drive careful !!
  15. Merry christmas and a happy new year

    PB Open Water
    Just wanted to wish all the Performance Boaters out there a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  16. Merry X-mass & Happy new year

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    Merry X-mass and a happy new year to all the guys en gals and their familys in the DLB and the rest of the perf boat forum. P.A. Pirate en family :)hand
  17. California #1 for the 11th year in a row!

    Political Rhetoric
    Liberal paradise, I tell ya! Electing Moonbeam Brown has secured California's number one spot! California Wins "Worst State for Business" for 11th Year
  18. Remembering.......An 11 year old on Omaha Beach

    PB Open Water
    There is hope. Thanks to those that have served and those that didn't return.
  19. N.P. - Winnspeed HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR

    Delta Lunch Bunch ( dlb )
    You guys probably already knew this, But today is the start of the Chinese new year, The year of THE GOAT:partyguy:
  20. Best Political Sign Of The Year

    Political Rhetoric