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  1. Youtube Test

    Test Post
  2. Mike Martin crash on Youtube

  3. 1 minute Youtube a MUST WATCH!!

    Political Rhetoric
    The danger was clear mid-last century.
  4. Cool Video I found on YouTube

    PB Open Water
    May have been posted before, but thought it should be shown if it hadn't. I apologize if this is a repost. "Bucket list - Tear up the Lake in a Flat Bottom, Matt has been fighting his life long effects of Cerebral Palsy, Matt is determined to live life to the fullest and has began tackling...
  5. Some Youtube Vids for YA

    Political Rhetoric The story of two men trapped in one body - YouTube (Mitt's) "We've Heard It All Before" (Extended Cut) - YouTube (Obama) You guys can choose the lessor of the two snakes, our country is burning and it's once again too late to catch it before one of these fools takes office.
  6. Anyone have the YouTube link to the so called video?

    Political Rhetoric
    The video why the world is on fire?
  7. Posting Videos From Youtube,

    PB Open Water
    How do you save a link from youtube and post it up Thanks Brent
  8. youtube hydro

    was watching this youtube hydro run.and kept thinking looks like my old ride and at the end of the video the guy said where did you get it he said CORONA CA THAT WAS THE LAST TIME I DROVE A HYDRO I LOVED THAT BOAT V-Drive Race.mp4 - YouTube
  9. Put mondays speed run on youtube

    PB Open Water
    Hope this link works YouTube - Sunsation powerboat
  10. Must see Youtube clip

    PB Open Water
    This was sent to me via e-mail, thought it should be passed on. This video puts to shame the output of Hollywood producers and/or directors. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!! This video was made by a 15 year old girl, Lizzie Palmer. Over 3,000,000 views. Thanks to all who have and are serving our...
  11. [Video] Some video links I threw up on Youtube

    These were coverted from OLD VHS to digital...sooo the quality is not great! :) YouTube - ‪Boat_Racing__Nov_1993.mpeg‬‏ YouTube - ‪Boat_Racing_Nov_1993_2.mpeg‬‏ Nice shot of Jim in this opening shot...hahaha YouTube - ‪Oct1993.mpeg‬‏ old school coming out of the lagoon at times...
  12. Something to ponder over... Youtube videos

    PB Open Water
    This if from the YouTube Blog on their content partners: 2010 was a big year for content creators on YouTube. Our Partner Program grew to over 15,000 partners worldwide; presidential parodies and clever online-only ads became viral sensations; “annoying” but lovable fruits and unassuming...
  13. DS video on youtube

    PB Open Water
    not sure if someone posted this on but here ya go
  14. Youtube users - question?

    PB Open Water
    How long does it take you to upload videos? I have a video that is 2:30 long and it's not loaded yet...been like 15 minutes?? Just's my first time putting one on Youtube, or on any site for that matter....
  15. Youtube Functionallity? Please!

    Community Help
    Hopefullys You guys will do this .. If you will .. Here's some directions if your not sure how to do it. 1. Login to your AdminCP. 2. Scroll down the left frame to the settings group "Custom BB Codes" 3. Click the "Add New BB Code" link 4. You'll now be presented with a page with 6 text...
  16. YouTube Video

    PB Open Water
    This is fricken cool!
  17. Brad's YouTube Videos

    PB Open Water
    For Your Enjoyment :)devil 2007 Nitro Nationals w-stCd9M6LA&rel=1