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  1. Moabi without the ZOO

    PB Open Water
    Today reminded all of us at Moabi of the good old days...:D
  2. German zoo names baby monkey 'Obama'

    Political Rhetoric
    Naming a baby monkey Obama not the smartest PR move hil:) One of the advantages, or disadvantages, of becoming famous famous is that everyone what wants to start naming things after you. From airports, to roadways, to children and even zoo animals. However in some cases as the zoo in...
  3. Since Moabi is such a zoo.....

    PB Open Water
    Since Moabi is such a zoo now might as well put some locals to work and make some money.... Was thinking of presenting this idea to the Walmart folks....:D Just float it outside of the Channel....:)devil
  4. I took this picture at the Bronx Zoo yesturday.

    PB Open Water
    I think it came out pretty cool....
  5. SD Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Sea World ???

    PB Open Water
    For you that go there....what would be the best choice if you took a 3 and 1 year old for the day? I haven't been there for many years and want to decide which one (or more) to go to for a day. I don't know if one of these would make it an entire day trip into itself. Remember the ages of the...
  6. Went to the Zoo today.... [video]

    PB Open Water
    This was interesting trying to explain to my 9 year old... So we just moved along. :)LegHump