This just in... TEAGUE CUSTOM MARINE is a having a CMI Winter Blow Out Sale!! Prices will not last! Get in now and save big $$

CMI-13020 GEN-X HEADERS: $$$$ Too low to advertise (Must Call)
Mercury Replacement sport tubes, Welded on distribution tube, Works with existing tail pipes, Made from 316L SS, More equalized primaries for improved performance, Improved water fill to help the header last longer in harsh environments. (tail pipes not included)

CMI-13632 SPORT TUBE HEADERS: $4398.97pr
BBC, Down turn, Even collector, SS distribution, Perfect for high HP naturally aspirated engines and blower engines up to 1000+HP. (tail pipes not included)

CMI-13186 454/502 ELBOW TOP HEADERS, SATIN FINISH: $2798.97pr
BBC, 1 piece SS headers, DOES NOT require tail pipes, Clean satin finish, Perfect replacements for Mercury 454/502, 1 7/8" primaries, Cool collar flanges to eliminate water into the cylinder, optional stock brackets. (brackets additional)