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I know wrong section but looking for parts so.........

I have an 2007 Honda CR450F with about 8 hours on it. Have had valve job done already. Has lots of extras like Talon hubs, Excel wheels, Worcs gaurds kit and race seat. I bought it with every intention to ride but got hurt. Then moved to CO and broke my back. I am looking to trade for BBC or BBC and hardware. I am building a new boat and I am on a TIGHT budget:)coffee Looking for motor, blower, rail kit, intake, pump, steering ect. Heres the catch. I still am paying it off and wont be paid off until 2012. Paying like $100 a month but never missed a payment or anything like that just thought I would throw it out there. I will finish making the payments of course but you will not have a title until Im done paying it off. I figured if the tables were turned and I had some stuff I wasn't using I wouldn't mind so.....

Anyways I have the stock seat and plastics too. Not a scratch on them. :)hand


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