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Two 12' mini jet boat hulls. These boats were marketed as Vortex mini boats. Both had Berkeley 6J pumps in them, but all the running gear and hardware is gone. Red one has had the deck partially removed in an effort to build an open bow version. I have the piece that was cut out. Repair it or complete the open bow conversion. Black one is is decent shape. Some stress cracks in the gel coat, but no structural damage. The hulls were built in the mid 1980's and have been sitting for quite some time. Bill of Sale only on these. $400 each Lake Havasu City, AZ

00s0s_wNc8Opd8gd_600x450.jpg 00t0t_gqVbP55MI0g_600x450.jpg
00d0d_57fipAowR6E_600x450.jpg 00r0r_3Jiyl1fUulC_600x450.jpg
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