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15" 8 lug beadlock wheels NIB

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Will trade!!!I have a new set of 15x9 8 lug beadlock wheels. THese are real beadlocks, not simulocks.. 3.5" backspace. $650 OBO. 562 307 5578. Located in Long Beach, CA.

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Wish the were by 12"..If you havent put them on pirate should be gone in no time!!
I kinda knew you would be pokin' round these parts! On pirate first!!
I saw these on pirate and am kinda interested. What is the back spacing on these?

Russo these would be cool for your truck. Let me know if you want them so i dont screw you on the deal.
3.5" BACK SPACING..All you danny..I got other things in the works right now for the truck..
sorry guys, was at pismo beatin on the yotas!!!!:D lets deal. will entertain partial trades....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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