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I think I may be the only person who has gone to look at it.
I have been looking for a CP/TX gullwing for a little over a month now.
In my opinion I thought the boat needed a complete tear down. I saw alot of spider cracks all along the deck. Paint is faded and scratched. Alot of rust on the motor (probably from sitting by the beach) Bulk heads looked to be rotted. There was some funky repair done to the front just under the bow eye.
It just didn't look like a solid boat to me IMO. I dont really want a major project boat right now, the seller did however come down to $6500.
I was always told to never buy the first thing you see and Im glad I didn't come home with it. But now Im going to use it as something to base my search on. Seller seemed pretty cool, and he knows what he has and knows the potential of this boat.
good luck
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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