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18 cp tunnel ride

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I have been trying to tune my 18 cp tunnel. It seems that no matter what I do, the nose rides real low all the time. How does everybody set these up? How high should the nose be riding at speed? I am scared of having this boat hook while going fast.

Any help is appreciated.
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With the limited experience I had in my old 18 tunnel (the one Russo is restoring) it seemed to run fairly flat. It didn't carry the nose anywhere near what a gullwing does. I think set up is extremely important on these hulls not only for performance but to keep you from getting wet. If I were you I would seek out a few board members that have these boats and get a good baseline to go from. I don't remember what we had in our deal back then but it might even be worth giving Scotten a call. Just my .02 RD
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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