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1968 Biesemeyer hull

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I think maybe a few die hards out there would appreciate this small info I found ……

several years ago a bought a flatbottom off a friend of a friend. It was a 1968 Biesemeyer boat in immaculate condition. At the time I knew nothing about v drives but after a ride knew I needed my own. I’ve made posts about it on PB before but just recently found something I thought was interesting.

being a local Phoenix , AZ resident , upon acquiring the boat I soon found out about Bergeron Engineering.

i also purchased the book written by Bill Biesemeyer “the history of Biesemeyer boats”

after Talking with Phil and several other prominent figures associated with the Biesemeyer family we knew my boat was not a carribean. My hull had several differences and was original. Other than that there wasn’t much info I could find on it other than “rumors” and the stories we hear in the hot boat community. Long story short ,the restoration of my boat has taken many years as life often gets in the way of our projects.
Well this weekend I found an identification tag on the hull. It was behind the kickboard mounted on the inside of the gauge cluster. This is what I found. It Doesn’t tell me much more info about my boat than I already knew but I guess it’s interesting to me. Maybe some of you will find it interesting also.

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Very cool. Us desert rats take pride in the Biesemeyer heritage.
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