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Bought this CV19 in the fall of 2015. Been in project mode since then but that is coming to an end

When I bought it I knew it was going to be a project. First thing was to pull the jet for a rebuild. Sent it off to ARS Marine. I saw a rant posted on this site that said "never gain" in reference to ARS. All I can say is for me they have been great to work with. Always answered my questions and gone above and beyond. Jet was done quickly.

Rebuiding and painting the boat has taken 17 months. Finally over that hurdle. Pictures posted here are from day I pulled it from paint shop to move it to the engine shop. Of course my trailer lights weren't working so pia field repair with limited tools got me up the road.

New engine is a Merc 383 MPI Stroker. To connect the jet to the motor I salvaged bell housing/driveline parts from original motor. Should have known that would not work out. ARS did the jet so reached out to them (actually asked my mechanic to call them since the talk the same mechanics speak).. Together they figured out what we needed and even found me some used parts. Saved me a couple bucks. Win win.

As soon as the motor is in we will be installing the new interior. Still working on title for the trailer here in VA. Bought it from SC where they don't require title or tags for trailers under 2500 lbs. Just another small speed bump on the road to the lake :)

Wanted to share my new (1st) jet boat and postive experience I have had with ARS. Will post pictures of completed project soon.

Can't wait for summer


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