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Redding, CA
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Posting for a friend... Call number in this listing if interested..

1982 18' Bahner jet boat

Balanced and blueprinted 460 Ford
.030 over with 10.5:1 compression
Comp cams 292 cam
roller rockers
10 quart milodon jet boat oil pan
Weiand dual tunnel ram
2-650 holley carbs
full MSD ignition
holley blue fuel pump
Rewarder Custom Headers
aluminum AR cobra jet heads
Stainless Steel fuel lines
Place Diverter
droop snoot
good gelcoat
seats/carpet in good original condition

Runs great and strong, no issues. Located in Redding, CA. $6,500 OBO - Call Ray, five three zero 524-3514

00I0I_9tKnrSDvEfs_600x450.jpg 00p0p_6acCCYdsoP9_600x450.jpg 00x0x_1tg0aUrScrC_600x450.jpg 00t0t_NWcWTd7g9M_600x450.jpg 01515_fI1v1pLLt7x_600x450.jpg 00f0f_hgJr6WcCdQF_600x450.jpg 00X0X_j11qA5N6sIF_600x450.jpg


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It looks to have the Rogers bottom design to it. :thumb:
I have the other bottom design and its a delta pad.
Bahner made some great boats!
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