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I have done quite a bit of searching here and am still looking for some answers.

I need to know the cam specs for the production cam in my 1990 5.7
I have a new set of vortec 062 heads from GMPP, an intake i got @ swap meet.
I want to use a set of comp 1.6 magnum rockers instead of a cam swap.
I will be physically checking retainer to seal clearance, but need the cam specs so I can figure the additional lift for the rockers.

I have the valve covers off and it has a set of 217 heads which are listed as having 64cc chambers, so compression will be the same.

The engine is OC775*** which comes up as a model 457B100CR, parts list says cam #431-5943.
The engine is a flat tappet motor as I can see down from the valve cover.

The boat is a Sea Ray 210 with only 210hr, and runs very well. 1/2 tank fuel and myself solo will run 50-51 with 19p quicksilver stainless and 1.5 drive @ 48-4900.
So with a bit more power and a 21p prop should give me a nice increase.
I figure between the heads and rockers 50ish hp increase

Thanks for any help
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