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Hi and I hope the community responds well to my post. We here in the north coast in Canada have been enjoying finding a niche for ease of entry into 2 stage pump jet boating and making it approachable to a larger audience. My friend along with the local boating community has launched his first model for the watercraft community. The system works with 2 OEM seadoo pumps mainly the supercharged models and lets you link them together for a 2 stage system helping reduce cavitation and helps boaters navigate area with more water debris with increased performance.

"Munster Canada" can be found online...

Again it was very hard to decide whether to post this here but I see the passion Andrew has for his products and we are embarking on further explorations of finding innovative solutions for performance boats that comes back and support enthusiasts in our community.

It is a great project for an enthusiast...

Thanks for your open ears
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