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EZGO TXT 15 hp gas engine
30MPH on GPS top speed mod
heavy duty 4 leaf rear springs
Custom Lift
custom seats with Carbon wrap
custom brake lights and head lights
chrome ITP SS112 12" wheels
New 25/10/12 ITP Terra Cross
carbon fiber dash
Sparco billet steering wheel
off road lights
New tinted windshield
New 4 mirror rear view

This cart rides perfect.
No Abuse, No Drama, No Issues
$3,500.00 OBO....Need gone this week..In Storage Trailer Now
Located in Orange County, CA


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gotta love the emails....must be alot of professional golf cart salesman on performance boats now:)devil
i think that pb has alot of proffesional _ _ _ _ _ _????. it is a tough market for anything. i would like to have a cart for the river but i am cheap and want to steal

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Nice cart.. just what I need at the Shack. I'd take the short end of a trade between the cart and my '65 Steven "Fools' Gold".

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hey hey, stay off my cart, just waiting for him to get to my price,,lol..:D
don't you still live in you girl friends apt??? thought you were try'n to move up stairs
so you don't have to listen to the people walk'n around and get some sleep

how you gonna get the golf cart up stairs????
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