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Hi Jim

I am about to buy a 21xtski lavey craft from Ric Burk apast customer of yours. The boat has a 454 mag 358 hp with imco powerflow he is running a 22 4 blade. He told me that even up at tahoe he was hitting the rev limiter. You labbed a 26 4 blade for him he told me that with him in the boat alone with a light load of fuel it ran 5100RPM'S @ 76 MPH this was also at the river in march On a normal day at the river during summer he claims 4800 to 4900 full of fuel with him and his wif aboard.

Would you just put on the 26 and if it is in the RPM range he stated leave it alone or would you prop down to a 25 or 24 4 Blade. Can the 26 be labbed down to a 25 or 24 if need be. If so what would be the cost for that VS a new 24 or 25 4blade.

We tested it on puddingstone with the 22 great hole shot to 35MPH but thats it the lake patrol was in full force so no WOT pass was made


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