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22's for sale.

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We are getting a new car to replace our 2006 Charger that has a really nice set of Niche 22's (chrome finished).

They are stagger fit, the fronts are 9 1/2" wide and the rears are 10 1/2" wide, they fit within the wheel wells, there are no clearance issues.

The tires are Nitto 420S, fronts are 265/35/22 & the rears are 295/30/22. They come with three sets of wheel locks, they have dual air fill valves, one is the sensor valve.

The front tires (just replaced) have about 2500 miles on them and the rears are 50% worn.

The original cost for these wheels and tires was $3300.00, I'd like to get $1800.00, or best real offer.

I know they fit the Charger, Magnum & 300's and a few others with the same wheel pattern.

I will post pics later, pm me if you have any questions or interest, on a scale of 1-10 they are a solid 9, only 1 rear has a very small scuff, about 1/4".

Thanks, Scott

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How much for the car or is it a least turn in?
It is not a lease car, it is my wifes car, it has 55k, non-smoker,zero exterior scratches, suede type interior, sunroof, upgraded factory stereo, R/T package, 5.7 Hemi, also have the stock polished wheels which have about 1500 miles on them, have the factory spec sheet for all options & details,
23k if interested in the whole car, tags good till March.
:)hand lil weekend bump, everyone needs cool wheels, if not you, then maybe a friend ??

Thanks, Scott:)hand
New best price $1575.00, and thats a smokin deal !!!!


p.s. can deliever to Havasu.
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