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4 sale 77 howard v-drive

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For sale 1977 20 howard v-drive 468bbc newly rebuilt motor, maybee 2 hours on motor new brodix rec heads,steel crank,cam,and 7/16 rods motivated to sell. 9,500:)devil


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very nice......

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what a smokin deal ..looks like a $15000 boat to

thanks's let your friends know I need it gone(no more room). I hate to say it but 2 many boats.:)Rant
Isn't this a 19???
Well I belive it to be a 19.8 and i thought they called it a 20 but maybee im wrong?
Check your PM's..
Isn't this a 19???
i agree dave its a 19. where was this earlier in the year when i was looking
Is is a 19 it use to be the 19GN from schiada same mold :D
howard sold sold sold

SOLD!SOLD!SOLD! Thanks pb :)hand
i gave it 24 hrs.....nice..................................:D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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