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460 through bolt logs/snails

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These have a recent polish. They were seperated for inspection and cleaning. They have new snail gaskets. The nuts,washers and studs are stainless. These are the best style bbf logs because they dont warp. If you have the other style, you know what I mean.The snails are 3" or 3 1/2" and if you ad a small piece of 3 1/2" hose you get 4" exhaust. Great upgrade....I have this style on my jetboat and was going to keep as a back up(they are hard to find). Need cash..$400.00 firm and worth every penny. call 619-405-2005 ask for DON (SAN DIEGO)

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I had a pair of those exactly like what you excellent shape....sold them on e-bay for $150

$400 might be a hard pill to swallow as headers are not much more...

Good luck on the sale though
I have bought these on ebay myself for $150.00(probably from you) and gave em a polish. Resold them on ebay for over $400.00.I have lost bids to these for over $450.00 in worse shape(unpolished). Chevy guys dont know how valuable some ford parts are. These are the best style logs for BBF. If you or anyone else can find these for less in similar shape with new gaskets and polish, your getting a smokin deal....or you can get a pair of small flange logs(similar to chevy and olds) and deal with warping,leaks and cracks.
I sold a pair of BBF logs and risers, exactly the same as these, on eBay for $360.00. :(:(
Does anyone know the brand name of these logs?

I agree 100% that the small flange logs do not work well. Does anyone know the brand of these through bolt type of 460 Ford exhaust so that I can search for a similar pair? Ideas?
"Long bolts" are Harman Marine. Flanged are typically Hardin Marine.
Call jim brock, he might have a set. I bought my first pair from him a while back. The snails say hm (harmon marine)
Jim 1818-890-1867

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