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I am thinking of selling my 502's that need rebuilt so I can buy running 454's.
But have no idea what they are worth???
they are casting #10237300 - 96 and up
088 heads,steel crank....
will sell one at a time if no one wants a pair.
as far as how much???
I guess at this point make offer, I just want to get the big boat done...

here is a quick description of them..
One was running when pulled and other had a rod bearing go out.
I bought a 10/10 polished/fluxed crank and told the rods were good.
I had the heads done, and even had little pocket port work done on the bad motor heads.
neither had roller cams as they have flat tappet cams in them.

the bad motor was checked out by the machine shop and was ready for a rebuild when I lost my job. It is a standard bore.
I do not know about the other motor (bore)as not have had it apart to check.
But think it is the same..
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