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540 short block for sale. This is a World Products Merlin II block. These can go 4.625" bore. Block is currently 4.530" bore. Will need bored to 4.560". The block includes ARP main studs. Specs:

This engine includes a Crower 4340 forged steel standard crank, neutral balance, with center counterweights. 4.25" stroke. The rotating assembly has been balanced. This crankshaft retails for $2100.

Connecting rods are Manley H-beams,6.385" length. They have the good ARP 2000 rod bolts and are good for 1200 hp. Set of five good pistons thrown in for good measure.

I also have a nice solid roller cam setup with lifters, a hydraulic roller cam, and various intakes that would go well with this setup.


email is best [email protected]

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