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The Great Humongous
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572 set up for blown gas v-drive. Been sitting in a garage for about 6 years. Not much run time before the boat was trashed in an accident. Motor is located in south central Wisconsin. $8000

572 cubic inches
World Products 4.500 inch tall block
Lunati Pro Crank 4.500 inch stroke
Herbert CNC "Pro" H-Beam Roads with ARP 7/16 bolts
JE Reverse Dome Pistons
Lunati Roller Cam .737/.715
110 Lobe Separation
283 In. / 293 Ex. @ .050
World Products Heads
2.250 Intake, 1.88 Exhaust
7:1 Compression
Crane Stud Girdle
Glenwood v-drive motor mounts
Neovane water pump
8mm pulleys and belts

No distributor or intake and nothing from the intake up included.
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Not open for further replies.