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I have a 1969 playmate with a 455 olds and a berkley jet. I bought the boat in October and used it 4 or 5 times. It ran great and got up on plane just fine even with its little 2 barrel carb and the old points ignition.

While winterizing it I found a large weld on the block. I am guessing that it had some water in it that froze at some point in its life. It stays cool and doesn't leak so I am not very concerned.

Also, I found two plug wires that had no metal clip from the wire to the plug. I pulled the wires all the way off and started the boat. It sounded the same as with the wires connected so I assume that they were not firing.

This is my first olds and my first odd fire engine so I had no idea how it should sound. Even with the two plug wires off it idles smoothly and revs evenly.

Getting nervous I did a compression check and got:
3-160 not firing
4-145 not firing

I want to get this boat running well and very reliably. I got a HEI distributor with the boat. I was thinking of getting a aluminum intake so I could put a 4 barrel carb on it and I have read a lot of good stuff about the edelbrock heads. A more modern cam would also be in the plan.

Now to my question. Is this block worth working with? If not where can you get a decently built (cheap) short block or long block? I have not hand much luck finding any. They all seem to be 650hp and cost around $11000.

I am by no means a machinist and would barely qualify as a half assed mechanic so rebuilding my own engine would not be a good idea but I can do about everything from a short block on up excluding valves.

Any ideas would be helpful. And for those with a little too much stress in your lives flame away.

Thanks, Matt.

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I would invest in a tune up..Things you might want to post are: Block / head numbers. I had an olds a while back and loved it till some thieving mechanic stole parts off it and swaped with crap. If you plan on just krusn around, you should be good with a tune up. Plan on stomping it, you might want to have a rebuild for that...(oil pressure, spinning a main, water jackects)

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there is a thread on the next page that has some good info on. If you dont think your good enough to take a machined block to runner it is a good idea to get some one to do it for you, becare full there are some flaws with those designs and some simple fixes to over come them so insure the guy that is building the short block for you knows his way around them. if you change you mind and plan to do it your self horse power tv had a good segment on the build up of a 455.
You can find them on Spike TV
455 dyno teset>>>
455 Build>>>
another member posted this. some of the things it went thought is a oiling up grade in the main bearings, cleaning up of all burs that hold the oil back from getting back to the pan, paint the vally to the oil has nothing to stick to, samfer the return holes, ect. it made some good power when they were all done with it. good luck
p.s. lets see some picks

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There no "voodoo" to this 455 motor , its simple to work on and simple to repair , Just like anything else care and attention to deail will produce a product that will give you years of service . There are steps to take to help with what are "inherent oiling issues" (all simple and relatively inexepensive) Theres also some "pitfalls" with the OE "non adjustable valve train and other cylinder head details . This motor with moderate compression , a mild cam , single 4 barrell , improved intake and ignition should make 400 hp easily Tom
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