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73 Hondo History/Info

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Looking for any info regarding a 1973 Hondo Flat. It is/was named Flat Crazy. Hoping someone may know of its history and have some info. Motor was supposedly done by Tom Weaver? Does anyone know how to get in touch with him?

Any and all info would be great. :)devil
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A hondo named Flat Crazy huh, well that narrows it down to a few hundred boats. lol

Ya I figured there may be a few with that name out there.Havent personally seen or read of any around here. It was from the Fremont/Hayward area the past years and Central CA in recent years.. Supposedly was a BGF boat at one time. Been out out Berreyesa and Don Pedro in more recent outings

Here is a pic of the back where it reads "Flat Crazy"

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Anymore pics of the boat?

Will try and get some up :)devil
Just need to see more photos of the boat , i installed alot of engine in my days. send some photos will try and help you out Thanks tom

Thanx Tom. I have a few pics Ill try and get up :)devil

Here is a quick one. Lighting sorta sucks but may jog your memory!

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Been lagging on them pics! :D
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