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hello, building a sleekcraft, about have the whole boat sanded and ready for bright red paint, got to looking at the jet and its obvious a shade tree drunk mechanic has hosed this thing up. ill post pictures and youll see what im talking about, long nuts that dont belong there, rtv sealer everywhere, the olds 455 was blown to pieces all sorts of fun to deal with.

could anyone help me out with how to systematically check out the jet drive, im about to open up the hand hole, and check how bad oil leaks in the rear bowl bearing area, the bearings feel good just from hand turning it, no odd resistance or noises, im hoping i can just make sure everything is clear and the bowl doesnt leak, and replace the goofy bolts then go on....

ive never rebuilt a jet before and ive tried to find as much info as possible, if there is any tricks or pointers they would be greatly appreciated

i have a feeling i should just buy the rebuild kit and tools, hopefully the impeller is good

the 454 im dropping in is balanced and blueprinted, brand new, .030 over, forged, ported, 10-1, doing drain back oil lines, dual plane edelbrock intake, q jet, possibly water injection for extra economy and a bit of power. ive got harden logs and going through transom with flappers

ill post pics later
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