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Hi all,

I got my boat back in the water on New Year's Day after doing a cam Swap and Impeller change. I must say I am impressed so far without having to tune carbs. Im spinning a B cut Heritage Impeller 6000rpm.

The dilemma... I noticed my Bubbledeck rides very WET!

The specs:

1978 Eliminator Bubbledeck w/DELTA PAD
2DEGREE FLAT CUT shoe/ride plate (4.7 degrees)
B CUT Heritage Bronze Impeller
Berkeley split bowl with Berk Droop
MPD Open Center Loader
496 BBC

I have not checked the loader in relation to the keel yet. I feel it might be due to the shoe type. I dont know. Thank you in advance!!

Since I can't post the video to show I put a link in to play the video.

This is not spam I promise.

Lou Dogg Jan 02, 20 29 35.mp4?dl=0

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