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Hey guys,
A couple more parts I found laying around.

First is a used but rebuilt not too long ago 80 amp marine alternator. Fits pretty much any competition style ski boat, this came off of a Mastercraft I believe. 2 wire hook up. Made by Motorola. Same as It worked on my '92 Ski Centurion and was told it will work on virtually any ski boat from the '80s-'90s maybe later. $150 shipped

Next is an extra prop I had for that boat. It is a 13X13 RH CUP Ni-bral with the 1” shaft. It is a spare, but balanced well. I probably used it less than 20 hours during its lifetime. It is not perfect but in very good condition. There are a few very small pits and scrapes but it did not hit anything. See the pictures. It does not vibrate at all. $125 shipped

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