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Hey all, not new to the site or boats. But I recently picked up a new to me Howard. Coming form a 77 Southwind jet, I'm in love with this boat! Took it to Havasu two weeks ago and there were 2-3 white caps everywhere. Something in the Southwind I would have ran in fear from and found and cove in hopes it would calm down. The Howard, out pulling a four person tube like it was flat! It's totally different to drive, so I'll have to get used to that.

It needs a couple minor repairs, but it sat for almost two years. And even before that was lucky to see two weekends in the water.

It's set up with a Merc 350 and alpha 1 drive. Outdrives are like Chinese to me, so that is where I will have most of my questions. Like what prop to run and what not.

Sent while day dreaming...
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