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87 Miller rudder area erosion

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The area around the rudder where it comes out the bottom of the boat is slowly eroding away. I've patched it with marine epoxy, and after every trip to the lake, some of it wears away. What causes this and what would be the best way to fix it???
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Is this what your talking about? I think it has deal with the prop wash. You may need to put a wash plate in. I think I have to. We tried to bandaid our issue for now and it eat threw that quickly.


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The picture is from a 74 Campbell mini cursor (20 footer). The strut was moved about 5-8 inches forward. Stock power 74 bbc with a 11.5 by 14/15 pitch prop 5000 rpm top speed 53mph.
Not a desired look

Thats some scary stuff I would be looking for more serious problem in the bottom of that boat Just saying
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