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88 20" Advantage Banshee

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asking 1500 no motor,Menominee,Mi


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asking 1500 no motor,Menominee,Mi
Weedwacker x3? No motor or no motors?
i work with the guy that has the boat,he is pulling the fishing stuff and the motor, his 8 yr old daughter is into fishing, and the banshee isnt mush of a Lake Michigan boat, so he is selling to move into a deep v for the lake
what kind of speed did he see with the current motor? looks just like a scorpion
somone should have bought a bass boat, damn WTF?
he said 80 on the wish-o meter, with the stock lower unit, it was still climbing, he was afraid to go any faster
With all due respect, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. :))eek:)) Nevertheless, I am interested in potentially trying to ressurect it if the price is right. :)sphss Thompy, you have a PM. :)hand
That is awesome, best post ever for a boating site. If it was closer, I would buy it.
Those Banshee's would run mid 70's all day long with a stock 200 merc. (or a 220 merc, it's been a while) That bracket the OMC is hanging on, the big OMC, came from a shop called "Action Industries." They're long gone but their products were the best on the market at the time. They supplied all our aluminum stuff back then.

Hanging trolling motors front and rear and installing bass seats was not a factory option.:)

It is a splash of the Scorpion with a few minor changes to the deck around the windshield area if I remember right. The Banshee has a little recessed area for the windshield, I don't think the Scorpion did? But it's still a splash. The molds were sold off a few years ago. around? I may be interested in the hull only. You have a PM, please send me one back.
Too funny!! I've done alot for my kid in the past, but that takes the cake.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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