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My wife and I have been through the American adoption system.

It's a shitstorm.
We prefer an older child. That right there make the agencies dis-interested in you.

They have a long list of reasons to reject you.
From your age, to your income, to the fact you have a swimming pool,, they have a million of them.

We passed our home study and back round checks with flying colors. We have a great home, and a great life to offer.

Most agencies are set up the wring you out for money. They only want to buy and sell babys.
Big money in that.

Older kids are on the back burner, and your adoption paperwork will vanish down a black hole after you are about $15 to $20 grand and a year into the process.

If you go on the much acclaimed Wendys founder Dave Thomas site it's all gloss about how fantastic they are. That's all it is, gloss talking up how fantastic they are.
It's just another baby mill making money.

Childrens Home Society is as well.
Hell, you'd be hard pressed to find an agency that isn't into it for cash for babies. Even if they post pictures and stories about older kids that need homes.
Most those pictures and stories are 10 year old.

The bureaucratic mess is incredible, and they use it to manipulate you.

If you meet folks at the sand bar with adoptive kids, chance are the kids are from one of the former Soviet Republics.
It's because the only criteria there is a serious and legit back round check and the kid is yours.
No age discrimination against the parents, no bribes or holding out for $20 grand,, they even have American councilors to help you out when your child arrives in the US.

Well, it was that way.

What happened is the American adoption agencies were ripping off babys from the former Soviet Agencies to sell in the USA, so the Soviet agencies cut-off any age adoptions to the US.

Just my humble take from what we learned, from what we went through.
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