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Hi all we have recently moved to New Zealand and I found my self buying a bit of a lemon, I am determined to make her into a fine maiden for the wife and I to enjoy in these beautiful waters.

My story is a long one and English is not my strong suite so I will try not to type in circles.

The problem I have had is she is powered by an old 2 stroke outboard( 140CETO "6F3 / UL / 752138" ) I love the motor and she runs very good for an old girl, however she does struggle to get the boat onto plain sometimes but sometimes does it with ease don't know if it could be due to currents or what the story is as I'm new to ocean boating she is runing with a 17inch aluminum prop. Long story short I got my hands on a Yamaha F150 (F150AET "63P / X / 1022305 N") for dirt cheap so bought it, it has a 19 inch aluminum prop only after buying this motor I noted that the 140hp struggles to get the boat onto plain. So I was unsure if the F150 would coupe as I am a believer that 2 stroke pulls harder than 4 stroke "don't crucify me please" I noted the old 140 is about 50 kg lighter than the F150 so I thought, o well final nail in the coffin the F150 wont pull like the 140hp. A few days ago I noted the 140hp is just shy of 1.8 liters but the F150 is just shy of 2.7 liters giving me hope that the F150 will have more torque due to cubic's and together with the 19 inch prop just might do the thing.

This would be my first point however the story sadly continues....

In my quest of powering the boat I have since bought a old vmax😅 .... (LZ200NETO "6k1 / X / 1002693 N") this motor was almost for free and comes with a LM 19inch stainless prop (for the life of me I can not find out what LM stands for) She is getting water in number 6 cylinder that I will hopefully fix this coming weekend.

So I know the vmax will pull the boat pretty good as it is being used for fishing and hopefully after some mods for wakeboarding and tubing. But I would prefer if the F150 could work as it is more fuel efficient and New Zealander absolutely love 4 stroke so it adds a lot of value to the boat. Plus my wife is not a big fan of the noisy smelly engine ..I smell the smell of man and the noise of angles singing but she does not agree :D.

This would be the second point ....however sadly the story continues.

So to the keen observers you would have noted that the 140hp that is currently on the bot is a UL in length so as far as I can tell the U means 30" but if I measure I get like 27 -28'ish inches to make my life even easier the transom at the back is not flat it has a aluminum part that protrudes to where the motor mounts I will attach and image that is similar to mine so it is very hard to measure from the top of the transom to the keel (excuse me if the terms are incorrect) So i measured from the top of the transom to the ground and subtracted the distance from the ground to the bottom of the keel that leaves me with 24.4 inches. To make life even more interesting the bottom part of my boat appears flat but it is not it has a v shape that drops further down i will also attach this on a photo if you then measure from the top of the transom to the lower part of the boat you get 26" so tonight was the first time I realized that the 2 engine i bought are shorter that the 140hp that was on the boat did i make a huge mistake or was the first motor incorrect for the boat.

I thank you sir and madam for reaching this far and taking the time to read my story, any and all advice will be utterly appreciated.

Regards Wessel
Happy Boating

P.S don't make me cry with bad news :oops:


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