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Hey guys, any MG freaks here on PB?? I just came into possession of an MG "Midget" parts car and figured I would open up an option to PB members first before I try to sell the stuff to the general public. I don't know too much about it, (or other MGs for that matter), but it has 5 "knock off" type spoked wheels, a dual carb engine, (running when wrecked), a stick transmission, and a removal-able hard top... It's all there, just front end damage, (the front bumper is straight, but grill/radiator are smashed)... Interior is quite nice, brown buckets with a little "jump seat" in the back...
I know this doesn't belong here in open forum, but this is more of a courtesy notice to any MG freaks, than it is a "for sale" thread...
I have no idea what this stuff is worth, but some of it might be priceless to an MG collector...
Anyone interested? Please call me @ 805 300 0012
PS anyone know where the VIN # is located on an MG???
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