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I know this aint the place to be selling a bike but I figured you guys can appreciate nice things and the blood, sweat and tears that goes into a custom hand built machine. And I know it will be going to a good home to anyone here. Im selling my Pro Stock Look DYNA WIDE GLIDE (FXDWG) that I have been the only owner of since I bought it new in 1998 in Oregon and I completed a custom build on it in 2009. It has been TOTALLY redone with the exception of the virgin factory 80 inch EVO and the trans (about 35K total miles on them). This is not a CA smogged pig and it runs with CA smogged 96 inchers all day long no problem. This bike has more than enough power for the criminally insane, But it has room for more if you havent been institutionalized yet!:D

Anyway if you want to see some pics check it out here:
Hrlyman's Albums

If you want to check out the entire custom build and all the parts involved its all documented here:

If you are interested drop me a pm and we can talk
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