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anybody want these for cheap 2-skiis $1600

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SOLD SOLD SOLD $1300>>>>i got these from a storage place for $1500 bucks as is not running..been in storage since 2003 not being used sitting in the sun covered some times..i got a new battery and plugs and wala the purple one starts and the other one is trying to....starter does alot of clicking...i worked on the green one for 2 days it spins trys to fire but i dont know if its even getting gas...i give up .

2- 1994 xp/spx 2 seater on the trailer as pictured....1-needs seat recovered

selling as is pink slips in hand....

cash and take .had a few calls but everyone wants to work on them here..

$1600 firm thats what i invested let me know...
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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