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Ar-15 ?

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I am looking to purchase an AR-15, now that they are "in stock". There are several manufacturers listed, as well as "different" models. What are reccomendations from owners of AR-15's?
Thanks in advance,
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Try searching and for your answer. Be forewarned that this will likely end up a Ford vs Chevy vs Chrysler type question.

That being said, I have both Rock River and CMMG builds...if you live in Kalifornia, you have to be careful that the lower receiver is not on the banned list...

Riflegear in Costa Mesa and Coldwarshooters in Highland are good resources if you want to go look, touch and buy.

BTW I have a Mak-91 for sale (in AZ), not Kalifornia legal., select city /state, sporting goods....


I have a few stag lowers with a armalite upper. build your own....

if you shoot a lot then get a 9mm upper... way cheaper to shoot
Where are you located?
I have an ASA (american spirit arms) AR and love it...they are made it scottsdale AZ:D
I have an S&W M&P 15t and like it. I think you will be happy with almost anything you buy. Make sure it has a bullet button. Magpul Pmags are the best. You can get 30 rounders that have been reduced to 10 round capacity.
If you're not in CA, cdnn has a full stock of AR's.
If you're not in CA, cdnn has a full stock of AR's.
Listen to Cdog, he is friends with the biggest gun nut this side of Montana...perhaps both sides. :D
I have had an armalite m15a2 for 11 years has been a very good rifle.It will shoot sub moa out of the box.Back then there werent as many choices as there are today.The colts then i didnt care for them they were not mil spec either but those you only buy for the name.My second choice then was the bushmaster.

Today it seems like everyone is making them if i could buy another i would go with the armalite since i have had good luck with it.
x3 :D

i mean 3 armalites
I hate to think i could have bought an AR10 for under 1k back then and didnt cause i thought i didnt have any money to do so.Wasnt even married either.Now i am still broke and married.The worst part is i knew the ban in ca was coming and i still didnt buy it and when i decided it was too late all sold and price was way higher.
I just bought a CMMG a few weeks ago and one of the deciding factors in choosing it was looking at a comparison chart of the major brands. Plus the gun shop had it in stock:)bulb

I have (or had) 2 Colts (Have a 16" H-BAR A-2 w/6 position stock, Had a 10 lb 24" Accurized with a 6x24x50 mil-dot w/bipod.) The Accurized was cool, 10 shots @ 100 yds 3/4" with Fed 69gr match ammo more than once. And 1 Bushmaster (20" H-BAR) . They all go bang when the trigger is pulled. Find what you like, you can afford, and you can get, and go for it.
SOG armory (Houston TX) has complete lowers in stock and ready to ship, I have had great service thus far. If you wanna get on the waiting list for 6 mos go elsewhere...

IF in fact your in Missouri somewhere PM me, I know a mucho better deal in Washington MO...

Building one up from scratch is easy and well worth the effort so that you know how things work... Right now the internal parts AND bolt/carrier assemblies are the hard parts to get...

I did my last one with a 20" 7.62 x 39 upper from STAG/Double Star and really like it with custom loaded .310 Hornandy balistic tips...

My 2 cents...
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