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Can You Keep a Secret? Sophie Kinsella
Fifty Shades of Grey, E.L. James
The Girl Who Married A Lion & Other Tales From Africa, Alexander McCall Smith
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner, Alan Sillitoe
The Road, Cormac McCarthy
Not Enough Indians, Harry Shearer
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Ken Kesey
The Speed of Dark, Elizabeth Moon
Damsel in Distress, P.G. Wodehouse
Tevye the Dairyman, Sholom Aleichem
Twilight (Complete Saga), Stephenie Meyer
The Pleasure of My Company, Steve Martin
Tortilla Flat, John Steinbeck
Jesus Out to Sea, James Lee Burke
Damsels in Distress, P.G. Wodehouse

Danielle Steel

Coming Out
Safe Harbour
Second Chance
The Ranch
House on Hope Street

Roald Dahl

Danny, the Champion of the World, Roald Dahl
George's Marvellous Medicine, Roald Dahl
The Enormous Crocodile, Roald Dahl
The Twits, Roald Dahl
The Wonderful Henry Sugar, Roald Dahl
Over to You, Roald Dahl

Charles Dickens

David Copperfield
Great Expectations
Hard Times
Little Dorrit
Martin Chuzzlewit
Nicholas Nickleby
Our Mutual Friend
The Old Curiosity Shop
The Pickwick Papers

Misc. Classics

Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe
Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain
Short Stories, Mark Twain


The Darkest Place, Daniel Judson
Fatal Tide, Iris Johansen
On the Run, Iris Johansen
Edge of Evil, J.A. Jance
Hunting Fear, Kay Hooper
Gone, Lisa Gardner
Silent Assassin, Lori Andrews
Blind Spot, Terri Persons
Taken, Chris Jordan
Trapped, Chris Jordan
Torn, Chris Jordan
Measure of Darkness, Chris Jordan

Comedian Books / Humor

I Drink for a Reason, David Cross
Why We Suck, Denis Leary
A Liar's Autobiography, Graham Chapman
America, Jon Stewart
Official Book Club Selection, Kathy Griffin
Diaries: The Python Years, Michael Palin
Pure Drivel, Steve Martin
Born Standing Up, Steve Martin
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Mindy Kaling
A Girl Walks into a Bar, Rachel Dratch

David Sedaris (Humorous Essays)

Barrell Fever, David Sedaris
Live at Carnegie Hall, David Sedaris
Me Talk Pretty One Day, David Sedaris
Barrel Fever, David Sedaris
Naked, David Sedaris
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, David Sedaris
When You Are Engulfed in Flames, David Sedaris

Science Fiction

Day of the Triffids, John Wyndham
The Kraken Wakes, John Wyndham
The Chrysalids, John Wyndham
Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury
From the Dust Returned, Ray Bradbury
I Sing the Body Electric, Ray Bradbury
The Golden Apples of the Sun, Ray Bradbury
The Martian Chronicles, Ray Bradbury
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Douglas Adams
The Long Dark Tea-Time Of The Soul, Douglas Adams
Rendezvous With Rama, Arthur C. Clarke
Good Omens, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gamen

Science Fiction - BBC Radio Dramatization

The Midwich Cuckoos, John Wyndham
The Chrysalids, John Wyndham


Cold Fire, Dean Koontz
The Good Guy, Dean Koontz
Watchers, Dean Koontz
Lost Boy, Lost Girl, Peter Straub
Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

Stephen King

Lisey's Story
The Shining
Just After Sunset
Salem's Lot
Gerald's Game
The Regulators
Blood and Smoke
Various Short Stories
Under the Dome

Celebrity Autobiography

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed, Alan Alda
Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself, Alan Alda
Speed Bumps, Teri Garr
Losing It, Valerie Bertinelli
Untied, Meredith Baxter
Last Words, George Carlin

Star Trek

Beyond Uhura, Nichelle Nichols
I Am Spock, Leonard Nimoy
Get a Life, William Shatner
Star Trek Memories, William Shatner
Star Trek Movie Memories, William Shatner

Bill Bryson Nonfiction

A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson
A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson
Down Under, Bill Bryson
I'm a Stranger Here Myself, Bill Bryson
In a Sunburned Country, Bill Bryson
Journey in English, Bill Bryson
Made in America, Bill Bryson
Notes from a Small Island, Bill Bryson
The Lost Continent, Bill Bryson
The Mother Tongue, Bill Bryson


God is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens
The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins
Go No, Penn Jillette

Misc. Nonfiction

Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, Jared Diamond
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